Tuesday, May 23, 2017

H family - Antioch Park

This family is pretty wonderful.
 The fact that I've known the momma for 20 years might have something to do with that... ;)

Enjoy the pictures of this family and adorable 1 year old! :)

One year olds are great- you never know what you're going to get! :D 

Puppy is her faaaaavoritest animal ever!! ;)

Those eyes . . . <3

LOVE this shot! :)

One of my most favorite pictures I've ever taken . . . <3

This one is SO CUTE and completely candid! It's like she's saying " Daddy, can we PLEASE be done with pictures?? I wanna jump in the water!!"  ;)

Jennifer Sorensen, of Leaf Dance Photography 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Grace - Senior Photos - Heritage Park and Cedarlake Park

Doesn't this girl fit right in with these beautiful blossoms? Crab apple blossoms, Favorite books, waterfalls, and golden fields- this shoot was nothing but magical! 
Also, we both have an inner Prairie Girl, and they thoroughly enjoyed running through the sunset lit field!

On a slightly breezy day and whilst wearing a flowing dress, twirling is a *must*!!  ;)

Ahhh, those flowers made everything so dreamy!  <3

Hehe, we had a "Lizzie contemplating the Derbyshire countryside" moment! ;)

Special shot for a special Grandmothers' necklace.   :)

~ Jennifer Sorensen, of Leaf Dance Photography