Sunday, April 28, 2013

Trees in Bloom #2 // Bradford Pear

This particular tree is in New Mexico...

Just outside the local Yarn store to be exact. (You'd never've guessed, would you? Luckily it was back-lit from the right direction, with the parking lot behind me.)

Yep, while my mother and sister went in to look at yarn, I stayed outside to look at this lovely, fluffy and, sadly, smelly tree. [Luckily I didn't keel over from the fumes! ;D]

Both of these I took with the WB (White balance) on Tungsten (Which turns outdoor settings blue) to try and get a crisper white. It almost worked. Before I deleted them all though, I tried a certain edit I like and Violia! I got the cool, shady white I was looking for.

Although... does the compostiton of this one drive you crazy? I'm trying to decide whether its just unique...or squirrely.
What do ya'll think?
Be honest now... ;)

 Yessireebob! I sure had a blast with that tree, as the only other Pear tree I've shot was more leaves than flowers . . .  =/

 Which, in a way, made the few flowers there were all the prettier, since there were less of them.

(If that makes any sense!)

If you just can't get enough of spring and these beautiful white flowers, you should go Here an' see some more!  =D

God Bless!
                                   ~Jenny  ♥
P.s. I got the title of the other tree wrong!
 It's actually a Plum tree, not an Apricot! 
My apologies.   =)


  1. I think we might have that kind of tree in our backyard! It does smell... :(

  2. I think it's unique:) You did an amazing job with these!


  3. Ah, ha ha! I was wondering where the apricot post went! I thought I was going nuts for a second:P
    The tenth photo has to be my favorite. Definitely:)
    As for the tungsten pictures, I like the composition in both of em, but the second one is a little too purplely-blueish for my taste:P
    It's neat how the best photo-subjects can be in the weirdest places!

  4. These are lovely, Jenny! It is really interesting to see the different color settings and how different they were in your pictures. I liked the tungsten white a lot, but it's something I've found I rarely use (?). My favorite are the last two ;)

  5. They are so pretty!! :) And it was right near a Yarn store? :D It looks like it would be found out in the middle of a green, grassy pasture :)


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