Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Days of Autumn 10 : Random pictures

All the leaves have gone to their winter home . . .

And the bean pods . . . this WHOLE pile is about 92% bean pods. Wanna jump in anyone?

A  squirrel about his squirrely business.
I think they're tails are really cool, the way their fur is colored it almost looks like it has a halo about it! Although the squirrels are anything but angelic . . .

Fuzzy beagle hoping I'll stop taking pictures long enough to let her in. =)

Brilliant maple leaves . . .

My neighbors cat

A couple of hot air balloons . . . we went right by/under them, they were so close!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Days of autumn 9 : Morning Honey locust

The light is just different in the morning, and it gives a whole new character to everything.
So here's some more golden, glowing leaves.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Portrait Practice

While we were in  Colorado, my sister and I decided to take advantage of the great scenery (Mountains, lakes and various forests) and practice our portraiture on each other. We took more than 200 pictures (got a little carried away havin' fun...!) but lots of them didn't work either because the sky was a little too overcast, the light reflected off my glasses ("but if you take them off no one will recognize you!") blinks, off-smile...etc. so I won't show you all those. ;)
Here's the keepers.  =D

I think this one is my favorite.  =)

 I LOVE Aspen trees. . . .

 Though taking bad pictures in them  is, *drum roll* "as easy as falling off a log"  =P (Just didn't work out as I envisioned!)

Models will be silly . . .   =P

This is another blooper, from my angle I thought it would look like I'm falling off the rock . . . but, as my sister pointed out, you can only see one hand and it looks more like I'm tying to take a bite out of the rock!
Oh well . . . I'm sure I'll have more opportunities to fall off rocks for the camera . . . =D


P.s. All jewelry in these pictures was made by  Meadowlanddesigns. You might mosey over there and see what else she makes...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Days of Autumn 8 : Leaves from last year

To juggle or blog? That is the question.
You can see which won.
Still, it's kinda short, because I don't have much else prepped.

The Honey locus trees were very colorful last year too,  and I have some favorites I thought I'd share.

This might be my very favorite, the colors are all vibrant, all of them sit beside each other on the color wheel, and then the black branches dashing through.

Looks good in sepia too!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Days of Autumn : 7 Honey locust

We have a clump of these in one corner on our backyard,
One day they were green, then almost overnight turned yellow!

Such a deep blue. . . love it!

My neighbors house makes a nice navy-blue background. =)

One of the other trees has only gone a little yellow . . .

I really like this one, how the leaves change from yellow to green . . .