Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cool shoes ;)

I know. Call me silly. 'Cause it's True. I am silly. (As some people know very well...!)
None the less, I like my running shoes and since I took pictures of my old pair . . . I decided these should get their share of fame too. Plus it's fun to try out new ways on editing on them. = D
But if you just glance through these or not at all, I don't blame you. You don't have to look at my shoes if you don't want to. ;)

Though for some reason . . . feet in shoes just make interesting subjects. =)

New shoes!

Picmonkey has some great collage designs. =)


  1. Funny, I just bought new shoes..

  2. Cuteness:) i love getting new shoes

  3. I love getting new shoes :) And I love my newest pair of running shoes :) Haha they're hot pink and neon green :)


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