Sunday, October 14, 2012

What's Orange and White and has Black Socks?

A fox!
I know I said "Stay tuned for Crab apples and shoes" . . . but I had foxes on the mind.
Around this time last year three foxes visited my neighbors backyard by way of the sewer drain at the back fence. They occasionally jumped the fence into our yard and that's how we knew they existed.
To get pictures of them I snuck up behind our fence and poked just my camera over, they were about 30 feet away. (I had to sneak up because otherwise they got scared and ducked into the sewer.)

This was the first time I actually saw one when it wasn't dashing along the fence, fairly early in the morning, around 7:15 a.m.
According to this fox, my neighbors playhouse was the perfect place to sleep, although; beagles barking at squirrels in the next yard may awaken light sleepers.

 After a couple pictures it finally noticed me . . . then went back to making sure the beagle couldn't jump the fence . . .

Later I saw two of them . . .

They're so cute curled up into a ball of fur!

This fox, I couldn't tell whether it was just fond of playing in mud puddles or whether it really had brown fur where the others had white . . . I guess it'll remain a mystery . . .

They took quite a long nap one afternoon , allowing me to see them as they really are . . .

Then some goofy captions popped into my head . . .  =D

I was hoping to see them again this year, but it looks like they've moved on.

Hope you enjoyed them. =)


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  1. awwwwww..... they r so cute....hahaha... i love what "u" made them say about the cake =)


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