Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Natural Glitter,

Is made by the combined effects of sunshine and water molecules in various forms.
Allow me to demonstrate,

First, Frost :

Dewdrops :

 Velveteen rabbits . . . actually no glitter there, but he was kinda cute and just kinda hopped into my post. ;)

 And light shining through crystal beads :

                ~Jenny, who is posting Autumn glory tomorrow and several days after . . . !


  1. I've been wondering... How do you make bokeh?

    1. Good question! Basically, bokeh is the light reflecting off shiny surfaces or through water, and when you have a small f stop, like 2.5, the light will turn into circles. If the light is between you and the subject they will show up much better. There is some bokeh in the second gray water drops picture, but there wasn't much light out so you can't see them that well.
      My camera isn't fancy enough to let me set f stops though, so instead, I get a foot or two away from my subject and zoom in as close as I can. That's what I did in the second grass picture.
      Hope that helps!


    2. Thank you! I'll check it out...

  2. LOVE the flower pic :) Great job :)


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