Sunday, October 7, 2012

From August

August must have been a busy month, because I took a bunch of pictures that I didn't post and then completely forgot about! = O
So even though it's overcast and 47 something out right now . . . you can enjoy these scenes of sunshine and warmth.
    Like buttery yellow Daylilies.

    A skipper warming up on some lavander

  And a skippert that  had apparently never seen a camera before . . .

   Because it was really shy....

   Really shy.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge, ferocious beagle landed on in the scene!

 Her only explanation being she "wanted to stop and smell the flowers", a likely story....

   But none the less, turned my attention to other flowers.



  1. Ooh those flowers are gorgeous Jenny with the cold weather. :) Thanks for capturing and sharing them! Have you taken any photography classes btw or do you just do freehand?

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed them. =)
      In answer to your question: Classes taught by another person? No.
      but since we homeschool I have taken photography as a subject, which was mostly reading (and reading and reading) and taking lots of pictures until I got it right. Which would be freehand I think. =)



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