Monday, October 8, 2012

An August sunset and How to Shoot the Moon ;)

Sunset first:

     I'd show you the actual sunset . . .but there weren't many clouds to showcase the color and most of the  trees were blocking it anyway, but I did get a little of it.  =)

How to Shoot the Moon:
First take a picture with your normal settings. (Preferably at dusk, before it's actually dark)

    Compare result with what you can see: In this case, the highlights are blown out.

Solution: Take your exposure setting down a couple stops.

As you can see, it helped quite a bit! Go as dark as your camera can . . .

   . . . Zoom in . . . .

And there you go, a lovely shot of the moon.  =)


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  1. Oh my goodness, i love the moon shot Jenny! I've tried to shoot the moon before but my camera doesn't zoom in that close unfortunately. Thats crazy beautiful though. Thanks for sharing(: The moon is one of my favorite creations God has made and let us revel in.


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