Thursday, January 31, 2013

Through stormy clouds

Lovely moon, huh? I wish; it was actually a cloudy afternoon, some stormy, dramatic clouds rolled in and obscured the sun, giving me the idea.
It looks like the moon though, which is pretty cool. =)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Ordinary" moments of life

Photo credit for this one goes to my sister, as I was driving at the time.  =)

Bit of randomness here; I was peeling a clementine and noticed it was hollow inside!

Autumn trees,
Fluffy Mourning doves,
Golden bean pods amid silver branches,
Branches and rooftops,
Silver-gray clouds, on a background of blue, with sticks of black
A sunset that somehow got left out of another post (woops!   =P)
Fuzzy beagles at the back door,
A sunset that doesn't need clouds to glow,
Mr. cardinal and his wife,
Two gooses geese,
Mysteries of fruit,
Edited picture,
A blue sky.

My life has been very Serendiptious lately.  =)

I like it. (and the word is fun to say too)

D' you have moments like these?


Monday, January 28, 2013

Dazzled by-

This is kinda a long post.
Okay, a really long post.
I commend you if you look through them all; I also think that once you get about half way it will be well worth your time.
I didn't title it "Dazzled" for no reason . . . . ;)

It was a cold and frosty morning last Febuary, and a nice thick, furry frost at that . . .

Yes, I thought this one was pretty awesome, catchin' the spikey frost and all. =)

The light started to creep over the fences . . .

But I kept on clickin' away . . .

Suddenly, BAM!

 . . . The sun popped over the fence, lit up my world (literally) and dazzled me!
All but knocked the breath out of me too. . .

From then on I hardly knew where my camera was pointed, as long as it was at something, anything to catch a bit of this moment for later.
Which is to say, any good compositions are probably by accident. The sun was in my eyes and I was quite overcome with the beauty of it all.

I finally tore myself away from those lovely bushes though,  to see what the sun did for the rest of the yard . . .

This pine tree sparkled like I'd never seen before!

I LOVE this one . . .

Worth your time?  =D
I'm so glad God thought up frost!
I'm sure I never would have . . .