Thursday, January 17, 2013

We're off to see the mountains!

Actuallllly; we're not.
Because we've already left, come back, edited my pictures and are finally able to post them! =D
But I thought of that title while we were driving through the mountains and it was just to good a title to waste. You know what I mean?

Anyway, we woke up to a surprise the morning we left...

Which resulted in crawling along the highway at 30ish mph on the snow packed roads.

The scenery was quite nice though.... =) (for those not driving!)

Sudden gusts of wind would come Whooshing across the fields and white out!

Later, of course, we drove out of it, zipping along merrily.

Yup, more birds...a lot of them were captured with my little black box this trip. ;)

Sometime after we arrived at my grandparents house, my aunt, sister and I took a walk  further up the mountain, and were rewarded with a really good view of the valley:

(And yes, those three specks in the sky happen to be birds...)

These trees were exceptionally tall!
I could have sat around under them all day, just looking up...  and imagining climbing it, what an awesome tree house you could build in it, the view up there...

Then, as we looked on, the valley was graced with a lovely sunset.

~Jenny, who promises more pictures of just the mountains, soon and very soon. ;)


  1. Replies
    1. And that was even using my camera's built in HDR setting, pretty good huh! =D

  2. Jenny, these pictures are something else. Breathtaking. The ones looking down on the valley were just *incredible*. And the vines on that wall... They're all just amazing, okay? Haha! Anyway, amazing work and so happy you had a wonderful time! :D

    1. Gosh, thanks Michelle!
      I'm glad you liked the vines too, I though they were so neat lookin'. =D

  3. THIS IS SIMPLY BREATHTAKING. dont you just love nature??

    1. Wow, thanks Soph!
      I do love nature, it's one reason I picked the name LeafDance for my photography!

  4. You saw SNOW!!! Okay, I am so jealous. We were supposed to get some and then we didn't... and now I am drooling over all your snow pictures :)

    1. Sadly, there is only a pile of leaves where the Snorse once stood, but Yes! I think it couldn't have turned out better than if I had wished for snow on New Year's day!
      I do hope you get some snow though! =)

  5. Ditto Olivia! ;-) Love the car lights bokeh, too.

    1. Aww thanks Anna!
      I think it's my best bokeh car light shot yet. =D


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