Sunday, January 27, 2013

In which I turn the wheel to 'M'

I really, reaaaaally like how this picture turned out:

This streak of color shooting through the sky is- JUST SO COOL!

And I'm never going back, "manual" has got me!  =D
At least, only here and there, but not for the majority photos, even if I've only tackled shutter speed so far.
I've noticed that I almost always adjust the shadows in my photos before I post them, because they always seem like they could use more contrast.
So maybe, I could shoot a couple stops darker than what my camera thinks is "right" and not have to do that anymore. Either that or my LCD screen is deceptively darker, which tricks me into thinking I don't need to take the exposure down. I'll be experimenting; it's nice to have a new learning curve!

What about you, (If you have a camera, and take pictures with it, and ever turn the wheel to use different modes) what mode do you shoot in most often?


P.s. Oh, and if you saw some other posts on your blog feed, some posted 18 hrs ago, just ignore them. K?


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    1. Thanks Jessie! It really WAS amazing, the manual setting captured the colors SO well! =D


  3. Beautiful!!! Well, I got my Canon Rebel t1i a few months ago, and at first I was shooting primarily in AV (aperture) mode, but once I got a hold of how to tackle manual I was blown away. :) So, if I'm shooting outdoors and need a lot of pictures in a short span of time, I still use AV mode, but otherwise I've stuck pretty much with manual.

    Girl, getting used to the shutter speed is in my opinion the most important, so you're doing awesome!

    And yeah, I know what you mean. I like the look of a sharper, little bit darker photo, than what the pre-set modes tell me is correct exposure.


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