Saturday, January 12, 2013

Then the Light changed everything

Methinks the rabbits and cats have been playing on our driveway. =)

Frosted Christmas lights!

But there's nothing like a peaceful sunrise, with just a hint of color, spreading over snowy rooftops

Green leaves in January? Yup, that's Kansas!

*Sigh* I loved these branches . . . just couldn't get enough of them.

This one made me laugh, it's a good composition and all, but it reminds me juuuust a little bit of a stick bug!
(I hope that mental image didn't ruin the picture for any of you...)

Then I put on my bokeh filter on, to see how well it worked with natural light outside:

It didn't work out quite as I had expected, partly, I think, because the filter let in less light, which meant I had to change my focusing strategy...

You can see it clearest here; that foremost pine branch is technically in focus but it doesn't particularly look like it is, it isn't crisp and easy to see.

On the snow I think it worked better: this is snow without the filter on....

and with it on...

It definitely makes it sparklier! The trick is to getting just the right focus.

The vinnegette on the sides is pretty noticeable too, and I don't think I would like it on a portrait of someone, so I may need to tweak my filter design, and make it bigger to let more light in.

Have you ever seen a Snorse? Or perhaps a Snastle?  =D
There's an invisible knight on the snorse's back, riding to the invisible damsel in distress in the topmost tower of the snastle.   ;)
After I took my pictures, I decided it was time to frolic in the snow.

Hope you enjoyed it! 


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  1. These are so beautiful - I love, love, love them so much :)
    -mal :)


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