Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cats on Camera

This is sort of a sidetrack on my blog . . . but these critters are too much fun.

Kitties are quite curious. 

Though, perhaps that's an understatement . . .

 My grandparents cats, all four of them, are as follows:
 Pretty kitty; the oldest of the four

Casanova, the youngest, friendliest . . . and also the one mostly likely to bounce off the walls and chase little red lights racing around on the carpet.

What does the name "Casanova" mean? 
Most likely "Lover of rugs"  ;)

Pinta, the pretty calico,

And Tito, who is master of the house, due to his size. (Although quite a lot of that is fur.) 
What's he watching?

Why, the other kitties playing. =)

This guy likes to race himself to the top of the " cat tree" risking all life and limb and also giving the impression that that someone just fell down the stairs. (I tried to catch him in the act of this great feline feat, but I barely saw him zip up there myself, to say nothing for my camera...)

It's fun to use flash on kitties . . . and see what color their eyes turn!

Course, they catch on after a while  . . .  : /

 Yep, when I get a house of my own I'll have to populate it with a cat or two (or three...)

Although . . .  my mother and sister have told me grimly that if I do . . . they'll never come visit me.

Decisions, decisions . . .



  1. I get the same thing from my family- if I have cats in my house, they aren't going to visit.

    I've got a thing for cats, though...

    1. Family Vs Felines.
      Pity that is should come to that!
      But such is life, where we must make sacrifices for those we love. ;)


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