Monday, January 28, 2013

Dazzled by-

This is kinda a long post.
Okay, a really long post.
I commend you if you look through them all; I also think that once you get about half way it will be well worth your time.
I didn't title it "Dazzled" for no reason . . . . ;)

It was a cold and frosty morning last Febuary, and a nice thick, furry frost at that . . .

Yes, I thought this one was pretty awesome, catchin' the spikey frost and all. =)

The light started to creep over the fences . . .

But I kept on clickin' away . . .

Suddenly, BAM!

 . . . The sun popped over the fence, lit up my world (literally) and dazzled me!
All but knocked the breath out of me too. . .

From then on I hardly knew where my camera was pointed, as long as it was at something, anything to catch a bit of this moment for later.
Which is to say, any good compositions are probably by accident. The sun was in my eyes and I was quite overcome with the beauty of it all.

I finally tore myself away from those lovely bushes though,  to see what the sun did for the rest of the yard . . .

This pine tree sparkled like I'd never seen before!

I LOVE this one . . .

Worth your time?  =D
I'm so glad God thought up frost!
I'm sure I never would have . . .



  1. Still so jealous that you get cold weather and it actually SHOWS. Here in Louisiana, it is as cold as an icicle but so gray and green. Ache.

    Hey, gurl, the last photo is so good. I mean, really good. The bokeh and the frost and the color... You are amazing!


  2. Wow these are seriously cool! That one in the middle somewhere (I lost count:) of the tree with the sunbeams coming through is my fav!

    I love working with natural light, especially in the morning! I hope to be posting some similar photos of frost and such sometime this week!
    God be with you,


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