Thursday, October 23, 2014

More of Autumn & Some Portraits // Leaf Dance Photography

Things I love about Autumn this year:

The silence that wraps the trees like a blanket
Foggy mornings with bejeweled spiderwebs
Sunny, cheerful yellow flowers
Windy days that show you the silvery backside of the leaves
Each unique leaf
Leaves all aglow with sunlight from behind
A spiders trail as he climbed from leaf to leaf
Barberry bushes. <3
Discovering new colors of bugs. (!!!)
Falling leaves
Long, (very long) walks/photoshoot through the park with my sister ( a separate post with more of those coming soon!)

Through His Grace,


Monday, October 20, 2014

Paul - One Month portrait // Leaf Dance Photography

This lil' guy is quite precious, is't he?

Adorable new baby in black and white

Unfortunately, he was't feeling to good that afternoon, so his smiles were few, but when he did break into one, it was worth seeing!

Yawning baby
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Awww- I just love these pictures with his momma's hand . . .

Mother's finger placed in baby's tiny palm

Hehe, he looks like he's giving a speech here, "And when I am president, I will extend bedtimes for babies, make green the national color . . . "

Detail shot of baby's tiny toes

Through His Grace,


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Autumn // Leaf Dance Photography

For any one who wonders why I chose "Leaf Dance" as my photography name . . . wonder no more!

It's because I'm in love with the way the light dances through the leaves . . . <3

Through His Grace