Thursday, October 9, 2014

Homeward bound // Leaf Dance Photography

Aren't those Organ mountains pretty? That's what they look like at 9 in the morning after it's been raining all week.  =)  Shrouded in the mist as it rises from the ground, with a few small clouds above, like when your breath freezes on cold winter's day...

If you saw my other mountain post, then you already know that I took lots of pictures on our way down to New Mexico, & they came out better than any other pictures I've taken on previous trips, so I was very pleased with them! (All those hours of reading about how to use my camera to get certain shot paid off!)
So when we started back home, I told myself I wouldn't take anymore pictures-

But- the light was completely different than it was on our way down, so the inevitable happened, bringing with it some great shots of the mountains and desert plants in morning light...   ;)

I particularly like this one! Usually this is a dried-up old riverbed when we drive past!

This is the Rio Grande!  =D

Have you ever been to New Mexico?  =D

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  1. Gorgeousness! I think I've driven through New Mexico once...two years ago...


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