Monday, October 20, 2014

Paul - One Month portrait // Leaf Dance Photography

This lil' guy is quite precious, is't he?

Adorable new baby in black and white

Unfortunately, he was't feeling to good that afternoon, so his smiles were few, but when he did break into one, it was worth seeing!

Yawning baby
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Awww- I just love these pictures with his momma's hand . . .

Mother's finger placed in baby's tiny palm

Hehe, he looks like he's giving a speech here, "And when I am president, I will extend bedtimes for babies, make green the national color . . . "

Detail shot of baby's tiny toes

Through His Grace,



  1. Love the shots of the little hand wrapped around a finger! :-)

  2. So precious. <3 Good job, Jenny!
    Adorable little darling... :)


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