Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas light bokeh *

You might have seen some of those really neat Christmas pictures . . .

the kind with awesome bokeh shapes, and thought they were AMAZING.

(Well, this isn't Christmas themed, but it was too neat not to include)
(These three pictures are all from Pinterest)

You might have thought (like me)

" I should learn how to do that someday!"

Then, last Saturday, actually learn!  =D

It's really rather simple; cut out a black circle the size of your lens, tape it to a black rectangle of paper that wraps around your lens and cut out shapes or use a paper punch.
It looks sorta like this:

(The swirl, star and heart are all punched out.)

Mine aren't very sophisticated, but it was a spontaneous Saturday morning project after all. =)

Also, my lens is, ahem, permanently attached, so I used a very lightly sticky tape, that does- have- a -name -but -I- forgot- what- it- is, because my lens moves when I zoom in and out.

Then, find some sparkly lights to try it out on!

These are my take on Snowflakes . . .

    Hearts. . . . <3

Swirlies . . .

Stars  . . . . *

And, uh, do these look like butterflies to you? I was kinda hoping they did...  =D

These are. . . flowers!
Daisy's or Black-eyed-susans perhaps . .  . they turned out decent. =)

Then I hopped out into the cold to get Christmas lights from some of the houses on my street . . .

There's all kinds of possibilites when you think about it . . .
Even for summber portraits or shots of flora and fauna, I should've done it sooner!


Note: This is not and was not meant to be a tutorial of really any kind, about making this kind of filter for you camera, because that's more detailed and organized than I can be right now. The internet and pinterest have various takes on it though. ;)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Flaming Sunset

Because, it's really not a question of which is better, but simply that we can enjoy each for their different colors and moods. Being content with whichever it is. =)

It was sort of a hurried shoot, because:
1. I was making pizza at the time. (Talented I know, doing two things at once, ;D)
2. My camera was flashing the "low battery" signal in the upper-right-hand-corner, and I knew it might power down at any moment.
3. The sunset was very fleeting, and by the time I was back inside and had put up my camera to resume pizza making, the sky had been snuffed out.

I loved the broad stripes of orange swooping here and there . . .

God always paints such lovely sunsets doesnt He?


Friday, December 7, 2012

An Un-flaming Sunset

I think somehow we got the idea in our heads, (at least in mine anyway) that for a sunset to be worth posting or called photogenic, it must be alive with brillant hues of crimson, ruby, red, purple, violet, orange, gold, topaz...etc.
However . . . I rather liked this quiet, meditative and simply stunning sunset.

My friends dogs . . .  <3 admiring the sunset with me.
At least, the one on the left was, the one on the right was about to alert anyone who would listen, that there was an Unidentified Person in Sight.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Last Day of Autumn 24

As far as I have planned anyway. =D
The leaves are down and the fireworks over.  I think I've taken just about all the Autumn pictures you can take! 24 posts worth and then some.

Over the fence:

My yard:

Over the fence:

Aaand back to my yard:  =)

~Jenny, lookin' forward to winter!