Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Days of Autumn 23 : Photogenic weed ;)

It isn't really a weed, it'a actually a rather nice bush that grows up to have round, red berries. But since it sprouted under the Riverbirch tree in our yard, instead of at the park with it's brothers and sisters, it became a weed. 
Sad, I know, but that's a bush's life.
And besides, I took it's picture before I evicted it, so it even got a little bit of fame. =D
I call it photogenic, because I got more rather good pictures of it than I thought I would, and with special effects like Cross process and Cinema...I just had a blast. =)
It started out here, under the tree:

Notice how the leaves look Purple and green!
That's what caught my eye.

Then, after I had uprooted it, I had the sudden inspiration of "planting" it in the grass for a nice green, bokeh-filled background.

Then, as the sun shone into my eyes, I had even more inspiration; stick it in the fence to get the autumn colors of my neighbors oak tree and direct backlighting to boot!

You might also notice that the part of the leaves that looked purple earlier, then turned an orangey/red/brown color.

I love the colors . . . which, coincidently, are mostly green and orange.... two of my favorite colors. Wonder how that happened?

A slightly different angle produced a different background . . .

With different lighting too . . .

But the glowy light drew me back . . .




  1. I love how you personify the plants! It actually is quite a lovely weed. Nice pictures. :)

    1. Glad you liked it Erin!
      I was just in a happy, goofy mood and it just kinda popped into my head while I was uploading the pictures. =D



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