Friday, December 7, 2012

An Un-flaming Sunset

I think somehow we got the idea in our heads, (at least in mine anyway) that for a sunset to be worth posting or called photogenic, it must be alive with brillant hues of crimson, ruby, red, purple, violet, orange, gold, topaz...etc.
However . . . I rather liked this quiet, meditative and simply stunning sunset.

My friends dogs . . .  <3 admiring the sunset with me.
At least, the one on the left was, the one on the right was about to alert anyone who would listen, that there was an Unidentified Person in Sight.



  1. These are beautiful! Possibly my favorite post:)

  2. Love the fourth from last, Jenny! And how creative... catching the sunset's reflections in the windows. ;-) And yes, I agree - every sunset is always stunning. God has a good eye for beauty, dosn't He??

  3. LOVE the first window picture! VERY creative. Good job!

  4. My favorite pictures are ones that make me feel like I'm right there; they transport you to that very place and time, and this post does just that. :)


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