Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Last Day of Autumn 24

As far as I have planned anyway. =D
The leaves are down and the fireworks over.  I think I've taken just about all the Autumn pictures you can take! 24 posts worth and then some.

Over the fence:

My yard:

Over the fence:

Aaand back to my yard:  =)

~Jenny, lookin' forward to winter!


  1. Ohhh, you're so talented. I love these immensely; they're sweet and warm. :) My most favorite is probably the sixth from the top; so brilliant. And the squirrel and bird are just precious. :)

  2. Really? Thanks! That's a great thing to hear back about my pictures. =)
    Sixth, that would be the Autumn Clematis, it's real fun to take pictures of and I'm hoping to get a few more because the seed pods have fluffed open a little more.
    There were actually two squirrels chasing each other, but I only caught one as he was fleeing for his life. =D


  3. I'm envious of the bird photo, mine are always blurry:) And I agree woth Michelle, about the 6th pic, but I also think the hues of 9 and 10 are dreamy and soft. I like that type of picture:)
    Also, I hope you don't get annoyed by me probably overusing smiley faces:) I tend to do that a lot:) Darn, I did it again... Oh well:)


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