Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Mexico // From the car window / Leaf Dance Photography

Yeah, I bring books.
 I bring my drawing tools.
I've even brought my knitting.
But- I just find the changing landscape so fascinating that I almost always end up with my eyes glued to the window, my trigger finger resting on the power button, ready to turn on my camera when I sense a good vista coming up.
(Warning, due to my fascination with clouds, this post is rather cloud heavy, so if clouds bore you, you'll probably want to look at this instead. ;))

And with New Mexico, pretty much everything is a huge vista. The clouds stretch for miles across the sky, layer upon layer, and the mountains recede to a smokey blue in the distance.

The clouds aren't always this showy, but they really outdid themselves this trip, at one point I could count 6 different types of clouds all at once!

You just can't beat that BLUE New Mexic sky  . . .

"the Heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork"

Do you see that line of clouds? Isn't that something? In the city, the houses and buildings block too many clouds to really see any pattern, but out here you get to see the whole formation! =D

We had a lovely sunset that night, which I'll share next!

Through His Grace,



  1. Lovely, LOVELY! I ADORE those cloud pictures. So majestic! :D

  2. These are lovely! Those clouds are gorgeous!!


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