Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Other Artistic Outlet & Zazzle

I am anything if not artistic.
 However photography is only one of my three main creative outlets, one is composing music on the piano, and the other- is drawing. =)

 I've been drawing much longer than I've been doing photography. I studied art and drawing all through  my school years, but of course, it really all started when I could first hold a pencil. ;)

The recent acquisition of a set of Prismicolor pencils in April has enabled me to create higher quality artwork and spurred me on to new heights in my drawings:

Drawing of a gold ring with a blue stone

Drawing of Yorky Dogs

Many pictures are entirely my own, like the ring and flower above, and the others are usually pictures I've found on pinterest and tailored to match the personal preferences of the friends and little girls I draw birthday cards for. In fact, 85% of the drawings in this post were for birthday cards! ;)

Drawing of a violin

My kind of "bubble" lettering...!  ;D

Then there's my Penguin drawings . . .

In the realm of painting I do mostly watercolor . . .

Painting of a waterfall

But I've found that I really, really really, like the style of  Bob Ross, and Leonid Afremov using Oil paints. I don't have any oil paints, but that didn't stop me and my colored pencils! ;D

...but how does Zazzle fit in with this post? In fact, you're probably wondering "What IS Zazzle?"
If your're familar with Etsy, the place to buy handmade anything & everything from independant sellers, Zazzle is similar, with the the biggest difference being that Zazzle has blank objects, and you (the seller) have graphic designs, text, photos or drawings to decorate the blanks with.

They have pillows, clocks, mugs, dog clothes, hats, postage stamps, mouse-pads, phone cases, necklaces, magnets, scarves and pretty much everything but forks and couches! ;) and it isn't limited to sellers- you can print your Christmas cards there, or design your own phone case. =)

I originally started a shop there to put my photos on things, but now I'm going to add in some handrawn card designs, similar to the couple below:

Hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for looking!

I'll keep you posted on the progress of my humble, little, shop.  ;)

Through His Grace,



  1. Your art is amazing! You have so much talent!

    1. Thank you so much Eva!! God has really blessed my art above & beyond how far I thought it would go! =)

  2. AMAZING work!!!! I adore the little owl... Now you made me I want one. ;D

    1. Awww, *blushes* thanks Oliva! <3 Haha, you want one now? Well...that can be easily remedied...! ;)

  3. These are really great! Somehow I never connected that you liked drawing/making cards (I think you mentioned painting and painters always intimidate me!) until you sent me that AWESOME wedding card -which I still have : )
    You are brilliant with color. Do you think I could talk you doing a post on the stages of adding color like you did on the owl sometime? I actually found it really helpful!

    1. Oh thank you!! =) Yes indeed, I am delighted that you asked me to consider a post detailing how I layered the colors and such! You could talk me into a post like that VERY easily. ;D

  4. These are stunning, Jenny! I love the sleeping puppy and owl..too cute. But the mountain scenery really caught my amazement...Wow! Great work! =)

    1. Thank you Emily!! =) Haha, the drawing of Daisy turned out to be one of MY absolute favorites too, which is funny, because it was a very spur of the moment drawing! Ah- the mountain- it just goes to show how important a good subject and composition are! I used 100% colored pencils, but it looks like a masterpiece! Thank you again! =)))

  5. Wow, Jenny, these are incredible! That mountain drawing is amazing!! You seriously have a gift. Keep sketchin' girl!


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