Friday, September 19, 2014

Catherine // Portrait at Heritage Park at Golden hour // Leaf Dance Photography

These pictures are really quite a feat.
At the end of August in Kansas, the bugs are still thriving & the ragweed is still saturating the air with it's sickly sweet pollen. 
But we didn't let those things deter us, because nothing beats watching the sun go down in the expansive sky of Heritage Park.  =)
And finding a whole grove of sunflowers tucked away in one of the fields? Bonus!
Definitely worth the bugs and pollen. ;)

It was a lovely evening all around.  

Through His Grace,



  1. How wonderful are these? Love golden hour! Love the dreamy and whimsical nature of all those field shots :D

  2. These photos are breathtaking! The lighting is gorgeous! Love the sun flowers! So sun to photograph! And your sister -- she is a beautiful model!! :) Love the photo of her taking of picture with her iPhone! So neat + well focused! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, beautiful lighting! Love the phone photo.

  4. These are so lovely! My favorite is the black and white one, of Catherine holding the flower. :)


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