Saturday, January 5, 2013

Liebester award(s)

I was awarded twice, Thank you Michelle and Erin!

Michelle explained it best : " you basically write out eleven facts about yourself, answer the questions the person who awarded you asked, and then nominate eleven blog authors who have less than 200 followers who you think deserve to be awarded for their blogging, then ask them eleven questions. The encouragement keeps going and going. Isn't that so awesome?! :)"

11 random things about me :

1. I named my camera finally, and the name issss: Filberta!

2. I'm an animal stalker. Rabbits, tortoises (one actually yawned at me), stray cats (they don't have as great hearing as I used to think)... I step around like an Indian to get as close as possible before they notice me.

3. Writing songs on the piano; songs without words.
4. I'm rather fond of talking in different accent's. (er, well, trying to)

5. I have seen the Hobbit in 3D!
6. Wheat is a mortal enemy of mine; I am 100% Gluten free.

7. I'm a Calvin and Hobbes nut. =D
 It's got so much imagination in it, Bill Waterson did some really great artwork in the strip and it'll increase your vocabulary! (Do you know what "Portent" "Dissertation" and Extemporaneous" mean?)
8. I've taken Klove's "30 day challenge" for about 4 years now.

9. Heat and I really don't get along well. Hot ovens, irons, steaming pots of soup, hot summers, accidentally bumping the "heat the seat" button in the car in the dead of summer.....
10. I've written goofy little stories and illustrated them to boot.

11. I became a juggler this fall;  four balls tops and able to juggle even on my Ripstik!

Michelle's questions: 

What is a song that takes you back to a happy memory?
Hmmm...there's so many!
Probably "O Holy Night" which actually has two memories; one sung normally and I actually realized just what a holy night it was, and the other version of that one guy singing it rather badly, and I laughed sooo much. =D

You're at the movies: candy or popcorn?
Popcorn, definitely.

If you could live inside of the plot of a book for a month, which one would it be?
Ack! That's so hard! I'll pick "The Extraordinary Education Nicholas Benedict", which I just read

You're headed for a year to a deserted island (it's the latest craze): what is one thing that you would
definitely take?
My piano.

Rain or sunshine?
Both. =P Snow too.

How many licks does it really take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll lollipop? 
You know, I really don't document that kind of stuff. =P But I can tell you that I'm a cruncher, not a licker.

What's a verse that brightens you right up?
1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Have you ever had an album (we're talking pre-MP3s) that you played so much, it's practically worn out?
No-o-o, but I have played a song on the piano until I wore it out and got bored of it.  =)

Why is that Goofy can talk but Pluto can't?
Quite obviously because Goofy is talking constantly when Pluto's around. Poor guy.

What's your most favorite of all the Holidays and why? 
That would be Christmas. It's the time of giving presents, seeing relatives and playing goofy card games, and quite hopefully, some snow.

If there was one word to describe what you'd like for your 2013 to be like, what would it be?

Erin's questions:

1. What do you believe in?
 It rained and snowed the night before we left Kansas, heading for NM, and an especially strong gust of wind blew our suburban, causing us to fishtail, spin and slide around for a few suspenseful moments and land in the ditch.
 Right side up.
No one hurt.
Nothing wrong with the car.
No other cars were affected.
And we got right out and on the road again.
It was AMAZING!!
(Kinda fun too, but I figured it wasn't the right time then to say that.)
God totally had his hand over us.
2. What is your favorite cookie?
Snickerdoodles. Delicious and fun to say. =P
3. If you could go to the moon, would you?
Sure! Filberta would go with me too. ;)
4. Why do you blog?
I've been thinking about that lately; originally I was planning to sell prints of my pictures online after I graduate and have a blog for potential buyers to look at so they could see what kind of person I am, and not just someone over the Internet. But now it's sort of become a place to post pictures I like,(not necessarily "photogenic") and a way for grandparents and friends in other states to see what I'm up to.
5. What's your favorite childhood memory?
Toughie. Probably the time my sister, good friend and I played in the basement for hours; made tents out of blankets, had marble races, played restaurant, and vet. (I had a LOT of stuffed animals. =)
6. Tell me about your mother.
She homeschooled me. 'Nough said. =)
7. Have you ever been out of the country?
Sadly, no.
8. What do you think of before you go to bed?
Everything. What I did that day, whether I could have done it better, future conversations, planning the perfect moment to splash a cup of water on my unsuspecting friend... >=)
9. Skirts or dresses? Both? Neither?
Skirts, wear 'em all the time, preferably jean.
10. Favorite movie?
Wellll, of my childhood? Scamper the Penguin. Now? Tangled. =D
11. Who is your hero?
The person who does what it right even when it seems wrong in the worldly sense. The person who befriends anyone. The person who keeps on the narrow path. The person who has wisdom.
I look up to these kind of people, they inspire me.

My nominee's:

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Several of you (and you know who you are) have already been awarded by someone else, so you have no obligation what so ever to do this if you don't particulary want to. I can see how eleven more random facts about you, and eleven more questions to answer and eleven more people to nominate could fill you with dread. =)
Some others just don't do this kind of stuff on their blog, and I understand.
 If you would like to though, tell me and I'll think up some questions for ya.

That was rather fun, hope you enjoy 'em all.



  1. congrats, girl! that's exciting. and thank you, for the award, dear! :) how sweet of you... i loved your answers, Jenny, and your random facts. :)


  2. :D "My mother home schooled me" best answer:):)
    Thanks for the nomination! I actually did this award this year (I mean 2012:P) so I probably won't do it this time:(
    I'm taking a bit of a break from blogging and blogger to get some things straight; that's why i haven't been like commenting and stuff...
    See ya later!
    (Side note, my name is spelled with an "S" instead of a "Z" but don't worry about it:D)

    1. That's fine; I just wanted to let you know. =)
      I'm so sorry about mispelling your name!I meant to just write "Eli"!
      I'll fix it posthaste!

  3. Awww, I love it! :D Thank you for answering, Jenny! Isn't The Hobbit amazing?! And oh my goodness, I love your word for 2013. I love it *all*.

  4. Thank you for the award, Jenny! Sounds like fun, but I probably won't be doing it over on my blog as I'm trying to keep it to "photography related stuff", if you know what I mean. =P You're so sweet to include me though! It was fun to read your answers... loved how you answered the question about your mother! And I love that passage in 1 Corinthians, and your description of a true hero. Good stuff. =) (I just had to grin when I saw "what you think about before going to sleep at night"! =D)

    1. I totally understand about keeping your blog for photography stuff only, I had to think about it for a while before I decided too. =)
      On the hero, I just couldn't think of any ONE person that I really looked up to!


  5. Sorry it's taken me so long to read this post! I haven't been blogging as much as I used to. I love how you answered what you want to be this year: courageous. I totally agree. I had wanted to be more confident but I think being courageous for Christ is a much better goal! :) And I love what you shared about the miracle. What an amazing, praise God moment!


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