Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Mexico Mountains

"What has roots as nobody sees, is taller than trees, up, up it goes, and yet never grows?"

The answer: (as any edidcated reeder knows) a Mountain!

Notice the four different levels in this picture?
The flat plain rises up to meet the rolling hills, which back up to the almost-mountains-but-not-quite, and lastly you get to the actual mountains proper!

I really like these silvery bushes, most often they collected at the bottom of the hills, (where, no doubt water collects in the spring) and wind their way through, almost like a path!   =)

Can you see these pictures okay? Apparently the collage size isn't quite right, they keep coming out too small . . . Or are they fine? I'd appreciate your feedback.

You see that reflection of the car on the road? You're thinking, "oh, it must have rained recently", actualllly those are heat waves!  First time I ever caught a mirage on camera!

I love the swirly pattern of these two mountains . . .

As well as having moutnains, the desert also boast of quite a few hills! 

I love going down huge hills like this.
 Do I express the fact by saying "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuh!" as we descend down them? You bet! ;D

These next couple pictures are all about color; and finding it where I didn't expect . . .

That tawny orange in the middle is a forest of Cottonwood trees, the reddish - purple is from a smaller shrub, the green is an even smaller scrubby bush that grows just about anywhere in the desert, and also you might notice the the blue in the shadows of the hills . . . almost a full rainbow!

That was quite a long post! Congratulations to everyone who it looked at them all. =D


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  1. Ha love the book reference and the mountains! Seriously made me feel like I was there, driving through New Mexico.
    The road from the top of the hill photo was just awesome! (And I don't flippantly throw around words like that:)

    God keep you,


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