Sunday, October 21, 2012

Days of Autumn : 4 Yellow tree

Yes, I do very much like the trees that turn red, but lets not forget the golden, buttery yellow ones either!

 I've wanted for years to photograph these trees, but there aren't any in my immediate neighborhood . . . so it never happened. =(
Then I rode my bike around the other day and finally did!  =D
It was totally worth it.

Yellow and light blue just go sooo well together!

The black stems weave in and out of the leaves . . .

Hey look! It's a squirrel!
This guy was playing hide-and seek with me, dipping in and out of the shadows on the trunk.  =D

The nice thing about squirrels is that they often just freeze, hoping they blend in with the trunk, so the photographer can get a clear picture!

And this is our Service Berry tree, which usually turns red/orange but this year it went "blonde".

            So which do you like best, Red trees or Yellow?

(Personally, I find it very hard to play favorites in these matters!)



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