Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Days of Autumn : 7 Honey locust

We have a clump of these in one corner on our backyard,
One day they were green, then almost overnight turned yellow!

Such a deep blue. . . love it!

My neighbors house makes a nice navy-blue background. =)

One of the other trees has only gone a little yellow . . .

I really like this one, how the leaves change from yellow to green . . .



  1. Hi Jenny! It was so nice to see you all last night! I'm sorry I didn't get to visit a little more. What beautiful colors! I like the way you combined the four pictures in a collage. ;-) I love your header, too--did you make it?

  2. I know, the colors were lovely, about three days straight I would look out the window and dash for my camera! Thank you, that's the second compliment on that collage, I think I'll do more of them...
    Yes, I made my header from my pictures at They had a nifty collage maker that lets you do a lot of customization, really recomend it.


  3. Love the last picture...The green is emphasized by the yellow background. Very nice!


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