Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lemon takes a stroll

And catches a piece of apple. =D
I'll explain a little . . . Lemon is the female box turtle that roams about my backyard, my friend and I discovered her in the lemon balm bushes so we named her Lemon. Though Herberta the Fourth would've been a good name too....
Anyway, she's stuck around since 2009 and often when I'm out taking pictures I'll stumble across her. Usually she sees me first I think, but I get bonus points when I sneak up on her and get to watch her as she really is .  . . which is usually digging around for edibles in the mulch/dirt/grass. I have learned that they eat dandelion flowers, fish in puddles of water and can yawn. Yes, yawn. Long and short of that story is: I was trying to blend in with the trees and after a staring contest of a couple minutes . . . she was letting me know she wasn't fooled.
Well, enough of chit-chat.

    As a reward for being such a good model, I gave her a piece of apple. It's fun to watch turtles eat. Chomp. Chomp. Chaahmp.

     Her shell is pretty cool isn't it? I think it is definitely proof that turtles didn't just evolve, develop a shell with neat patterns on accident . . . they were designed.

                       ~Jenny, who was unusually "talkative" this post.  = D


  1. Once (a very long time ago) our new neighbors had a turtle in their backyard! It was much bigger than Lemon. Oh, and I awarded you here:


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