Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Days of Autumn 10 : Random pictures

All the leaves have gone to their winter home . . .

And the bean pods . . . this WHOLE pile is about 92% bean pods. Wanna jump in anyone?

A  squirrel about his squirrely business.
I think they're tails are really cool, the way their fur is colored it almost looks like it has a halo about it! Although the squirrels are anything but angelic . . .

Fuzzy beagle hoping I'll stop taking pictures long enough to let her in. =)

Brilliant maple leaves . . .

My neighbors cat

A couple of hot air balloons . . . we went right by/under them, they were so close!



  1. Ok, new favorite post! I love the airballoon shot. Thats simply stunning, and the first photo, and the maple leaves ones!(those always captivate my eyes with your vibrant colors) And lastly I adore the beagle!!! he looks so fuzzy, and i really wanna pet him. haha

    1. Isn't it though? At first I was just trying to get the balloon and then the road curved and the light changed, I liked what I saw on my viewfinder and snapped the picture! The first was rather a spur of the moment thing, I did very little thinking before I took it...=D
      Haha, Daisy is always fuzzier when it's cold out!


  2. Anyone would love these photos. :)


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