Monday, October 22, 2012

Days of Autumn : 5 The Arboreatum

It was a typical fall day : Windy, overcast, and relatively cold. Yay! That means sweaters, jeans and scarves!
And there were pictures everywhere, just waiting to be taken.   =)

My loverly sister . . .

Awesome neon purple berries!

 Ruby red maple leaves . . .

Some weird berries that look like . . . like alien heads perhaps?

Rose petals with the glow and beauty of Sunset in them.   <3

Hey look, shoes!

Me friend. <3

Love this picture! Didn't even need any editing.

 Ahh yes, they had the sprinklers running in several places, so we had to dodge 'em and take a few detours. But the best part was they left water drops on this plant!

We all had a very good time : didn't freeze, goofed around and laughed, and got some unique pictures!
I also got some pictures of the numerous oak trees scattered around there, but they were too numerous to add to these, soooo, tune in tomorrow, for

Orange, Topaz-ish, and Christmas colored oak leaves/trees!



  1. OOH! Pretty photos Jenny!
    You should enter one of them into my photography challenge!

  2. I LOVE the color of those purple berries!!!


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