Tuesday, June 18, 2013

an Afternoon at the Arboreatum

Going to the arboreatum is a real treat; you get to see endless varieties of flowers, ornamental and forest trees, and a few critters if you're really lucky.

Therefore, going twice in one week is a double treat! Especially when you get two kinds of light; overcast and calm . . .

 . . .  and bright, warm sunshine.

 I rather like Japanese Maples . . . 

These are just about the coolest flowers ever; kind of a cross between a dandelion and a pompom on a stick!

These are . . .  can you guess?
I have to admit, with those crazy loopy stems I was pretty mystified too, and  furthermore  surprised to find out that they are just plain 'ole onion plants- that've gone to seed!

It's funny,when you think about it,  how I've eaten the bottom part of an onion plant for years . . .  and never once wondered what the rest of the plant looked like!  0.o

And this, this is the Leopard Spotted Starfish plant.

Welllllll . . .  maybe not really, but that would be a splendid name, don't you think?
I'd sure plant one with that kind of name!  =)

Ahhh . . .  June, that lovely time of year when the cotton trees send out their fluffy seeds. From a distance it almost looks like snow!

This guy was either waiting for a minnow to hop out o' the water and  into his mouth, or else just practicing  procrastination. When we walked by the first time he was just a sittin', and, some 20 minutes later when we circled back around- he was a sittin' still.

This water snake was a  sittin' too . . . 

Then the frogs caught on and sat a sittin' too.   ;)

Ever seen a school of [rather large] goldfish play follow the leader?

Watchin' these guys swim is a real treat.

Pretty purple Poppies

I thoroughly enjoyed myself.     =)

God Bless!
                                   ~Jenny  ♥

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  1. HOLY Cow! What a jam packed post! I loved it though(: SO much to see! I have to say I loved the first two photos, the aliums, the turtle annnd the goldfish the bets. They were a bit different from your normal pictures! I love the leaves and everything you post, but I also like it when you switch things up a bit like today and show us some more of nature. Oh, I also loved the waterfall pictures! Everything is beautifully captured. :)


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