Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hannah and Nathan Wedding // Leaf Dance Photography

Hannah and Nathan's wedding was such a pleasure to shoot.
The bride was sweet, the groom relaxed, and both were full of smiles all day. =) (and when I say "all" day I mean, literally all day. Off camera and on camera.)
Congratulations you two! I pray God's blessing on your marriage.  =)

Oh so Pretty...!

Their first look was so precious...<3

                 Twirling on a rustic little bridge tucked away under the trees? Seriously, there needs to be one of these available every time someone gets married. Because they have so much fun with it!

Another favorite!

It was a bit windy that day, and just enough to add bit of drama to the pictures. ;)

so. much. laughter. 

Gotta love these wildflower arrangements at the reception...!

And of course, when you get married on the 5th, why not have a sparkler-send off? 

Haha, there *may* have been a mischievous breeze that required the lighting of multiple sparklers...but hey that's not a *bad* thing, now is it?

Want to see more? I second shot this wedding with  Olivia J Photography, so check out her post to see her shots of the wedding! =D

Though His Grace,



  1. Oh, how sweet! You can see just pure joy on her face! There were so many wonderful shots, Jenny! Love all the sparklers and lights, and her gorgeous gown. (The barefoot photo was one of my faves!) Looks like you had a lot of fun shooting the wedding of these two sweet people :)

  2. Good job Jenny! Thank you again for being an awesome 2nd shooter!

  3. Beautiful, Jenny! The little bridge turned out to be such a wonderful location, and I love how you captured the sparkler send-off! Hannah was such a pretty bride. =)

  4. You truly caught the emotions of the day, Jenny! Beautiful pictures!


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