Friday, June 22, 2012

A Bubbly day

My sister, friend and I decided to spontaneously blow bubbles one afternoon, and  I was hoping to get some neat reflections, cool colors, and pictures of tons of bubbles, floating around ... but it turned out to be a mostly overcast, windy day. Suffice to say, the bubbles blew this way and that faster than my camera could focus on them, so I took portraits of the bubble blowers instead of the bubbles. All around we had a great time anyway.  =)

*Sigh...*...That awkward moment when the bubble pops just as you click the shutter and your friend is left forever staring empty bubble stick.  ;)

 My sister and I trying to blow out of each others bubble sticks...and cracking up instead.  (The bubbles refused to blow!)

Reflections . . . .

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