Monday, September 23, 2013

Kallie // Portraits

"Whenever two photographers get to know each other, a photoshoot is not far off."

That was certainly the case here.  ;)
 Kallie is a fellow sister-in Christ and Photographer that I'm blessed to know. She has a photo-blog of her own, where she shares pictures of the things she has a heart for; little children, her family and the sweet fellowship of friends.

We got together on a sun-filled evening in a woodsy/ open field area, and honestly, it was one of the best photoshoots I've done! Doing this shoot in just under 30 minutes and taking less than 100 photos, really challenged me to get everything right in the first shot, rather than taking a bunch hoping to get lucky.

There was also a great combination of soft, subtle light in the shade, and dramatic, absolutely beautiful not-your-ordinary-sunlight spilling over the grass. While we were out clicking away, the wind played with our hair and the trees bobbed their branches, twinkling in the sun.

The light reflects so beautifully in her eyes here . . . 

I've been hoping to do a shoot with dramatic backlight for some time now, and  I'll definitley be doing it again; the results were simply stunning!

Have a Splendid day!

      God Bless,  


  1. These are amazing Jenny!!! you have such talent! =) Anytime you need another model, let me know. ;)

  2. You've got some great poses, missy! And Kallie is such a gorgeous young lady- it must have been a breeze to make good pictures of someone so beautiful ;) You are doing such an awesome job, dearie!
    Hey, if you do get Lightroom tell me how you like it! I've thought about getting it several times... but always backed out for fear that I would make my images way too dependent on editing, ya know?

  3. Woah...these are breathtaking. ♥.♥ The light looks perfect, and the bokeh is amazing. :)


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