Saturday, September 28, 2013

Marisa - Portrait

I am sooooo excited to share these pictures! 

For this shoot, we got to spend an hour playing around in a huge park that had it all: water, a shady wood, open fields of green grass- and a shoulder-high hay field. (At least, so we think. I'm not a farm girl. It could have been some tall weed for all I know!)

The hayfield was our favorite though, and we stuck to it and the open fields.
Having never even been in a hayfield before, I found out some things:

1. Watch out for Ginormous spiders + webs.  (!!!!)
2.  Don't sit down on bent hay stalks. 
3. Shoot at 6:00p.m . . .  during Golden hour!

Ohhhhh yes.

Note: When your best friend has gorgeous, long, straight hair like this:

Hair flips are a must!

We had so much fun with these . . . that we did some more later on. ;)

Love these . . .

 Open field . . .

Then- yes, back to the hayfield.
We simply could not stay away from it!

My. Favorite. So. Gorgeous.

This picture pretty much sums up the evening . . .

God bless!



  1. these are *gorgeous*, all of them. ^_^ you did a fantastic job! i love the ones where the sunlight catches her eyelashes. She is adorable. :))

    1. Aren't they?!!! Thanks! =)
      Ah, yes I just loved the way the light lit up her eyes! She did a fantastic job of not squinting in the light too...! ;)

  2. So.... breathtaking! I love, love, love. LOVE the light! These are so inspiring, now I NEED to beg some of my friends to take photos of them. Hehehe :)

    1. I know! While I was clickin' away I could not stop remarking on the light, "These are going to be amazing Marisa!!!!!" It was hard to see and hot and itchy, but SO worth it. And yeah, we squeaked over 'em all after we were done.
      The light make can make SUCH a difference. =)
      Thanks Eva!

  3. Pretty girl, and pretty shots. :) Good job!

    1. Thanks Olivia! Oh, isn't she? Between her and the lovely light all I really had to do was press the shutter! (And stay away from spiders!)

  4. WOAH. Can I be your best friend so you can make me look stunning, too? =D These are simply gorgeous. <3


    1. Yes! Come on over some sunny evening and we can play around in the hayfield too! =D

  5. Beautiful! The lighting and scenery is perfect

    1. Thanks Sophie! I know; nothin' better than a hayfield at the start of autumn! =D

  6. These girls. Give me a break- you two are amazing! She is so pretty and you are so artistic. These pictures are just cute cute cute.
    You're doing such a good job ;)

    1. Awww! Thanks Gabby! Haha, I am NOTHING if not artistic! But you're right, we make a pretty good team. ;D
      Portaits are such fun. =)

  7. I didn't already comment on these?? These are lovely, Jenny... in a lot of them, it almost seems you can feel the prettiness and warmth of the sun creeping through the pictures. ;-) And YAY for hayfield photoshoots! They're the best. =)


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