Monday, October 28, 2013

Meadowland Designs and Mamba Bars // Open house

 Product photography.

I haven't really done much in this area of photography, but now that I've had the chance to play around with it at the open house my sister hosted to sell her jewelry. I look forward to doing more of it! My 1.8-50mm lens is ideal for this kind of photography, when you need mostly close ups, and the ability to shoot with a large aperture is greatly appreciated in the low light setting.

When photographing the jewelry from Meadowland Designs, I got to play with color, shapes, and light in the display of the jewelry. Not to mention the bokeh-licous sparkle of the crystals in many of her designs! Fun, fun, fun. 

We also invited our friend Rachel, who lives on a hobby farm, to come and sell the goatsmilk soap that she makes.

When photographing the soaps from Mamba Bars, I really enjoyed playing with the repeating elements of the labels, pumps, and, the bars themselves. It's really too bad pictures can't convey scent as well, but I can tell you that they smelled amazing!

Both of these entrepreneurs have worked hard at developing their businesses and have done a great job with their products, so you might mosey along to their sites and find out more about them. =)

God Bless!

                                   ~Jenny  =)


  1. Wow, you're really good at it! I just love the last one of the jewelery. :)


    1. Why thanks!
      Hehe, funny you should mention that first when I looked at it I thought "oh no! It's crooked!" But then I decided I liked the jaunty angle and that it added to the picture! =)


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