Thursday, October 17, 2013

September was . . . // Box Turtles

 While walking around the yard with my camera one cool, overcast day, I came across this little critter . . .

well, actually, when I first saw her, she looked like this:

 Turtles feel vibrations very well, you see, and she often hears me before I see her. (Turtle stalking is pretty tricky...)

I'm always amazed when I look on these creatures. 

They're kinda small, and can go unnoticed; but since I have the privilege of noticing them, I'll share some of my insights:

Turtles are a gold mine of texture; I'm sure God really enjoyed making them!

Turtles are cute.
 'Nuf said.

Turtles- are deceptively fast. 
The way the stereotype goes, you'd think it took them half an hour to crawl 20 feet, right? Well, if they have their mind set on it, they can cross 20 feet in less than 5 minutes.
I  had to dash to the house to change memory cards once, and when I came back- *Poof* no turtle in sight.
I know, it was a blow to my assumptions about turtles too. ;)
(Sometime I should put a video up for proof, huh?)

Don't her legs look funny? Stretched as far as they can go, they almost look as though they belong to a different animal! (Say, a miniature elephant, for example)

I love it.

Apparently she was through with the paparazzi, because she hid herself in a layer of bean pods, leaves and mulch.

The excitement over, I went back to what I was doing . . .yep.
Waiting for the leaves to turn yellow.

The next day, I spotted a smaller turtle that occasionally visits the yard; her name (in keeping with the fruit theme I somehow decided on four years ago...!) is Peach. 

Since she is quite a bit smaller than Lemon, she can crawl through the various rabbit chewed holes in the fence, and she doesn't get as much human contact.

Sooooooo...she's a little shy.
Reaaaaaaally shy.
And fast too!

Back to the cute and friendly turtle.
I'm very fond of these pictures, as they have a warm, green and energetic feel to them.

September was . . .  the Time for spotting Turtles.

Have YOU ever seen a box turtle? I'd love to hear about it. =)

God Bless,   Jenny 

P.s. Have any other bloggers noticed that pictures uploaded to blogger look- worse? (Slightly lighter, they look noisy . . .etc.? Yes?)

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