Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Portraits // Kallie / Autumn Themed // In Morning Light // Days of Autumn 6

Yes, yes, Autumn themed portraits! Who doesn't love those?
It looked like just your ideal Autumn morning and it felt like one too, being a little colder than we expected, hence the short post. (The shutter just is harder to operate with chilled fingers! ;))
Kallie and I did get some lovely shots with all the beautiful fall foliage in the background though, so it was definitely worth it.

Oh yes, it was rather windy as well. The leaves were fairly flying off the trees at one point!

This one is probably my favorite. =)

God bless! 



  1. ohhh... pretty colors, and a pretty girl. :) Good job Jenny!

  2. Great job! And Kallie looks great in those colors :)
    Though...she does look a little cold... :/

  3. These are so pretty, Jenny (and Kallie =)! I love all the Fall color, and choosing a morning for the shoot was a great idea - the light is beautiful! ;-)


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