Saturday, December 7, 2013

November Beauty // Days of Autumn 10

Usually, the word "November" doesn't bring very many pleasant connotations to mind. Usually just muddy colors and many shades of gray.
But early in November, I walked around the yard and found there many post-firework sparks leftover from October.

Perhaps somewhat oddly, I enjoy capturing the aftermath of autumn, the few leaves left hanging around, just as much as a maple tree all decked out.

I'm a rather quirky photographer.
Only I would take a photo of a small burst of grass in  lovely evening light simply because it's green, and has shadows, and a spiky texture.
= )

 As long as I capture the color, light and shadows of whatever caught my eye...I kind of have a lack of concern for the composition of said colors, light and shadows.

A Classic case of light, color, and- erm, somewhat  lacking composition. ;)

Some o' the unique shadows that caught my eye . . .
Shadows, shadows, shadows.

 I'm also notorious for shooting backlit 90% of the time, because, well, otherwise it's just boring.

Just look at the difference between the picture below:

And this one!

All the sudden the leaves glow with vibrant color, which makes them 100 times more interesting, and from this angle we get to see a neat overlapping of the leaves and their shadows! Bonus!

Also, for some reason a single oak leaf caught between the stems of this black-eyed susan- just amuses me . . . makes me smile.   = )

This's actually got some composition to stand on. And a neat perspective. And lovely color. And leaves . . .

I liked the way these branches stick out, like the spokes of a wheel . . .

This one was taken almost purely for cooooolor . . .

I love finding rainbows!

And for some reason, the rabbits that inhabit our yard must be photographed. Dunno exactly just why...but it happens anyway.

Then, out of the blue, some muted tones will grab my attention:
 Soft green, purple, orange, that stick out amid a sea of brown and gray . . . 

Or some element of repetition . . .

And then; yep, I'm back to glowy leaves, color, and shadows. =)

In this one, the contrast between the backlit-almost-orange leaves, and the light-brown leaves that are reflecting the light, against a vibrant blue sky to boot, prompted me to press the shutter.

Shadows again . . . yep, that one, amber leaf.

In this one, I was just fascinated by the rich tones of the leaves.
They aren't your usual autumn brilliance, but somewhat- aged; matured.
Instead of a plain red there's a rich ruby, instead of yellow, there's an amber sort of  gold.

In the winter, around 5 o'clock in the evening, all but one stream of light sinks behind the fence, leaving this trail through the lemon balm . . .

Apparently I'm secretly a detail person . . . 

Oh, and my other quirk; I am continually fascinated by the clouds . . . these in particular just look so smooth. Like frosting on a cake, or water rippling in the wind . . .


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos! You have a real eye for capturing beautiful, light-filled angles. Simply stunning work. ^.^

    1. Why thank you Katelyn! I'm glad you enjoyed the play of light as much as I did. =)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love the colors you captured, and you certainly have an ability with a camera!

    1. Thank you Sara! God sure makes some pretty awesome colors, and I'm glad I can capture the colors to share with others. =)

  3. These colors, the bokeh, the light...*happy sigh*


    1. Awww, thanks Jessie! I'm so glad to have a fellow "bokeh-dazzled" friend like you! <3 Good bokeh is essential to any photo! ;D

  4. Yep. Know the feeling!! :)
    Gorgeous pictures!


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