Monday, January 20, 2014


Mmm ... after sticking to the warm house for a couple weeks due to 20 degree weeks and snow outside, the weather finally turned photographer-friendly. ;)
 Last Saturday was warm and inviting, beckoning me and my camera to wander around in it. Well, to be honestly accurate, I actually started out to take a walk around the yard, and only a walk.
But- as almost always inevitably happens, the breathtaking beauty, which never ceases to capture my attention, stopped me before I'd made it half way around the yard.

Green and Orange were the most prevalent colors, so it's not hard to guess why I had such a blast, and, am therefore posting so many pictures.

My primary subject was the Clematis covered trellis, backlit by the winter sun, shining in at such a pleasant angle, as to light up a cluster of leaves here and there, and cast fun shadows on the fence behind and grass below.

It was magical . . .

Then there was this super gorgeous, green pine tree to the left of the trellis, basking in the same light, each pine needle lined with it, the branches bobbing slightly in the breeze that wafted through...

Lovely, lovely, lovely light . . .

One, lonely, leaf left.

Once upon a time, this pine tree was as green as the other, but, the drought killed it off this summer. So...while it is dead, it is still very photogenic, being such a lovely orange when backlit. ;)

Winter is actually quite colorful, wouldn't you agree?


                                                                  God bless,    ~Jenny

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