Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter is . . . // part one

 Instead of my usual, this-is-the-order-I-took-the-photos type of blog posts, I'm going to mix things up a bit and post them in groups of what they are.
 For instance, instead of an overview of the yard, I'll collect all the shots I have of the tops of bare winter trees, against pure a blue sky or peculiar clouds (for some reason, every winter, I just gotta take some o' those!) and put them all in one post, along with all the winter sunsets/sunrises.

This post, then, is a preview of said coming posts, which include:

High contrast shots on an overcast, moody day . . .

 Surprising bursts of color I encounter:


  My experiments with bokeh . . .

Said tops of trees against clouds/sky, with or without birds decorating the branches:

Windblown snow:

Sparkly, fluffy snow:

Winter greenery:

 Random cool pictures:

The many, many, animal tracks I find:


Hopefully, some winter portraits:

More Christmas tree pic's that didn't get posted:

And, last but not least, snow covered plants.  

Hope y'all are enjoying the new year!

                                                                      God bless,


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