Saturday, April 26, 2014

Afternoon on the KU Campus // Part one

 - Exploring in the Watson Library -


BOOKS were everywhere. 
(Big surprise ;))
But it was delightful to be completely surrounded by just books.

And yes, they had nice little chairs, ottomans and and other such objects used when browsing through a book, left at random in the aisles! These people are pros.

The Watson library is kinda quirky; It opened in 1924, but has since been through many renovations, so while the outside has gorgeous brick-work in English Gothic style, the interior, in places, was reminiscent of the 1940's and 1960's.

For instance, check out this desk:

And the plain cement floor, pipes and wires running here and there on the ceiling, it was definitely not something you get to see everyday!

And did I mention all the trim was painted sky blue? And several of the walls?

The books.
There were books of all colors, topics, sizes and dates.

These are periodicals of the Popular Science Magazine, (Which we currently get btw ;)), from eighteen hundred seventy-four.

It was awesome.

Not everywhere had books though, we went through one section that was completely bare!

That's a LOT of bookcarts!

I did not get any photos of the outside of the building, due in part to time constraints and 50mm lens contraints (it was one place my 18-55 would have come in handy), so I dunno, I just might have to go back, taking some fellow photographers with me... ;)

Part two will be photos of the surrounding landscape, architecture, and a beautiful sunset, so stay tuned!

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