Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Heritage Park // Leaf Dance Photography

I've posted photos from "the park" before, as some of you may remember last summer and fall, but Heritage park is different in that it has a large body of water; a huge, blue, shining lake that simply fascinates me, whereas the other park only has a little bitty creek.
Living in the landlocked state of Kansas, I don't get the oppourtunity to shoot photos of water very often, and that, coupled with the spacious, golden, open fields, is what makes this park so particularly exciting!

It's almost always windy at this park, and I'm quite sure I could just sit there for hours, watching the wind sculpt the waves into different textures and patterns...

Taking one of the many curving paths through the park, you'll  find a wealth of shadows; slipping between the tawny gold grass, stretching far down the path, and flickering over your feet as you step along.

I know many people consider winter a boring, colorless month and their cameras sit unused during much of it, but for me, I consider it a challenge, a test to see if I can find the beauty amid the blah.
And indeed, only in the midst of winter can you find the silver gray of tree trunk and branches, set against the pure blue sky.
 The tawny oranges, tans, golds and sandy yellows in the field still around from autumns' showing, come back to life when the late afternoon sun beams through each blade.
In winter, you appreciate the evergreen trees ever so much more, taking in the unique structure of their "leaves" as they differ from deciduous trees.
In the summer you can't see the branches but for all the leaves, the fields are an almost uniform green, and the evergreens often get overlooked in favor of the more vibrant deciduous trees around them.
Not that I'm against the abundance of green (quite the opposite in fact!), but "For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven", (Ecclesiates 3:1)  and I do try to be content in every season, of life and the great outdoors. =)

Portraits by the bridge?
Well of course!
My lovely sister is so obliging.... =)

What do you think of winter?
 Do you get out and find things to photograph?

God Bless,


  1. I love that last one of your sister - so sweet!

    1. Aww, why thanks Emma! That happens to be one of my favorites too; my sister is just photogenic like that. ;) I'm so lucky!

  2. Oh, I love these! That bridge is such a neat location for a photo shoot!! :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh thanks Tashia! Yes, there are so many different poses you can use on a bridge! Hopefully I'll go back again soon and I'll get to explore more of them. =)
      You're very welcome!


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