Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Camping part 2 // Leaf Dance Photography

Today I've decided to elaborate more on the many reflections in the water, the glassiness of the water, and the complete awesomeness of campfires.

* Reflections*

The mini-waterfalls.
In the past years, this is where I made most of my memories, wading from the little sandbar out to the deeper current flowing over the rocks. The rocks aren't all one color, but red, green, blue, yellow and orange (Yep as usual, I keep looking until I find a complete rainbow.) They are easily seen because the rapidly flowing water sweeps them clear of the brownish gray moss that completely covers the rocks in the slow shady parts.

Even before I had a camera I was fascinated at the glass like textures of the water, as created by the play of sunlight dancing over the ripples. When I did get a camera, I tried to capture what I saw, but it never came out to my satisfaction. This time . . . armed with a thorough knowledge of manual mode, I conquered!

I had quite a bit of fun changing my shutter speed to blur the rushing water, but that would make this post too long, so I'll add it to another post.  =)

* Clear as glass *

The part in the middle here is the best place to stand; when we were 10 & 11, we held contests to see if we could hold our ground in the thick of the current (and not lose our flip-flops; water shoes are more practical, but not as thrilling)
Now, though it no longer threatens to knock me over (as proof, I waded through it with both fragile devices, my phone and camera, drawing admiration from my older brother in doing so) I still stand there, if just feel the the current pushing around me on it's course.

I took a video to capture the rushing water and lovely bubble as it spills over the rocks, but the video didn't work right. =P
In trying to post it, accidentally found out how to make a GIF, which is kind of interesting, but it' choppy and too short,  so I'll have to "gif" it another try after I've done some reseach...  

* Campfire *

When camping, no day is considered complete if it doesn't finish with us gathered around the campfire. ( Camping rule # 48 )

Whether we're toasting marshmallows, warming our toes, or, as once happened, drying our sopping shoes.

Again, knowing how to shoot in manual mode helps ENORMOUSLY when trying to capture the fire just as you see it. To catch the glittering sparks, and curling wisps of smoke . . .

Fire makes some really cool shapes; 'tis most fascinating . . .

Details on the fish caught, a hike up the side of the Ozarks to see an old firetower, and How I Amuse Myself in the River While the Guys Fish, will be up next. ;)

Through His Grace,

~Jenny, with a camera

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