Saturday, July 5, 2014

Camping pt 3 // Fishing

Ah; it' been quite a while since I posted!
Summer is like that I suppose...why stay inside on the computer when you could be outside?
 The other reason for my lack of posts, is that I've been spending quite a lot of my inside time drawing. Mostly birthday cards for several of my friends and little girls at our church, but also doing some watercolor and hoping to experiment with acrylic paint. If enough of you are interested in seeing my artwork, I might do a post on my drawings/cards/paintings. =)

Right now however, I shall wrap up my camping series.  ;)

This part of the river was very deep, so from my dad and brother's point of view it was good for fishing, and the depth also gave the water that rich teal color, which from my point of view was good for painting. Everybody was happy.

While they fished, I divided my time between water coloring and wandering around a bit, down a grass lined  path on near the bank. I'd been warned of snakes sunning themselves on the rocks, but the only things I found sunning themselves on the rocks were some wild orange-red Poppies.

Quite the dirty tackle box, eh?
 Apparently some poor fisherman sat too close to the edge of the bank,(which is nearly vertical as you can see from the two pictures above) because under several feet of water, but still visible, lay an algae covered folding chair, and a tackle box of indeterminable color. (Turns out it was really a nice shade of blue)
Our theory was that the fisherman must have caught a whopper of a fish that pulled him off balance, causing his inevitable fall into the drink. The chair didn't look worth saving, (plus the fish were using it for a jungle gym, swimming over and under the legs) but the tackle box looked to have weathered better.

This bit of river in the shade was the perfect place to blur the water using a slower shutter speed.

Then my brother called me over . . .

 . . . Cause he'd caught a fish!

A nice specimen of rainbow trout.

My brother was just fishing for fun though, so he freed the fish from the hook and let 'im go.

The excitement over, I went back to playing in the water . . . this time with large rocks. ;D

I love this splash! It's amazing how water can mimic glass . . . 


I love finding rainbows in unexpected places!

Through His Grace,



  1. Jenny, your photography is SO beautiful, thanks for sharing! And I would be very happy if you would post some of your drawings and watercolors! :)

    1. Ah, why thank you Hannah, I really appreciate that. =)
      Great! Thanks for your interest, I'm already planning a post. =)

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  3. Rainbows, oh my heart aches. Glassy water, so smooth a faerie could tip-toe across. Rainbow trout. Teal-coloured rivers. I'm in love with these frames, Jenny. I'm in love with our Creator and His world. <3

    1. Isn't it wonderful? In fact, it's that same sense of wonder, that compels me to post so many pictures, even when they aren't directly related to my (very young) photography business. I just can't help but hare them with others! =)


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