Monday, November 10, 2014

October is over . . .

 . . . And we march on into November, but not without leafing through some favorite pictures from last month . . .

Through His Grace,



  1. Loved these photos! You do a wonderful job!!

    Question: what lens did you use to take these photos? I love the bokeh you get!! I'd like a new lens but don't know what to get...maybe something like what you use! I have a Canon Rebal t3i....would your lens work on my camera? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Tashia! <3

      Ah, the bokeh...that is my favorite thing about my 1.8 - 50mm lens! Most of these shots, and all my nature shots for that matter, are usually taken at f/ 1.8, which turns all the glowing leaves farthest away from me into bokeh. (My favorite thing to do obviously! ;))

      I heartily recommend this lens not only because you can get beautiful bokeh filled backgrounds, but also because it handles low-light settings much better than my kit lens ( 3.5 - 18-55mm), and is therefore ideal for shooting weddings inside churches, or family gatherings inside your home. (like at Christmas!)
      And since I have a Nikon camera- my lens wouldn't work on your camera, but Cannon makes a 1.8 -50mm lens too, and they shoot just the same as the Nikons. =) You can get one for a pretty good price too- I got mine for around $100, and it stays on my camera the most- definitely worth the $$. =)

  2. Such beautiful colors! I like the one with the little spider webs in the grass :)
    Thank you for commenting on my blog!

    1. Oh yes! The colors of autumn are incredible! <3
      Isn't that neat? The spiderwebs are always there reckon, but until they are covered with fine drops of water they are near invisible! =D


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