Monday, November 3, 2014

Portraits at SouthDowns Park // Leaf Dance Photography

This was a fun shoot- this park is within easy walking distance from our house, so my sister and I make frequent visits to it.
Back in the day we would spend an hour or two there, exploring shady hideaways, wading in the creek, and, uh, climbing all the climbable trees. ;D Lots of memories were made there...

Now we usually just take a walk through it, and it was on those relaxing walks that I began to see the park from a photographers perspective; the graceful arch of trees over there, the quaint bench under the lamppost, the thicket by the creek dappled with shade . . . all just waiting for a photographer and a photographee. . .

There were SO many hedge apples laying around! All just waiting to be juggled... ;)

Then yes, the camera switched hands for a bit- I became the "photographee", and my sister got to shoot me for a change! ;)

and she took seriously good pictures . . . 

I love this one

 I'm a Leaves and Converse kind of girl . . . ;)

and REALLY love this one. . . 

and this is my new favorite ever.

                                            See?  More leaves, and more converse . . . ;D

I LOVED this shady little thicket!

Hope you enjoyed these!  =D

Through His Grace,



  1. Lovely photo's! The colors in the shots are so stunning!
    Check out my photography :)

  2. eek! LOVE these, Jenny!! I love the woods, leaves, bokeh, lighting, and converse! Seriously gorgeous pictures! :)

  3. Thankyouthankyouthankyou Tashia!!! =) I appreciate your comments so much! Thanks for taking the time to give me feedback on my photography- it just makes my day! =D

  4. Oh my word, girl, you are gorgeous! This is one of my favorite posts from you yet :) I love the park, the shoes, the shots....looks like you and your sister had a stellar time in God's creation. :D


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