Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cars and Birds - Impressions and Similes // Leaf Dance Photography

For some reason I always have the urge to take pictures of cars when we're on the highway.
The urge is even stronger when warm evening light is spilling onto the cars, and cool shadows are stealing across the road in stripes.

Golden sunflare. Glowing taillights.Gentle sunsets.

And birds. I love watching huge flocks of birds- the way they all move in one coordinated mass is really quite amazing and fascinating.
One is reminded of a school of fish swimming through water . .

I love watching birds fly . . . 

 And we end with a (seemingly) random picture of a train, just because I like pictures with a strong use of perspective in them.  =)

Through His Grace,



  1. Lovely pictures! The golden lighting is beautiful.
    I like the last picture of the birds, great job!

  2. Love those golden rays, girl! :) There is gorgeousness in this world. God certainly can create beauty!


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