Friday, February 27, 2015

A Long Overdue Explanation . . .

 This picture is VERY important.

Oh, it's just the last picture I took before my camera got up close and personal with the concrete sidewalk ... Yeah... In my defense, it was a VERY cold day out. And I was putting on my gloves. And cold hands just don't respond very quick. And I was already bending down and it only dropped about a foot...Unfortunately though, while I was optimistic that no damage had been done (I have, erm, *experience* in dropping cameras it seems...) I couldn't help but notice that when I tried to take a picture the next minute, my viewfinder was all blurry. . . and the auto focus motor just kept spinning in and out . . . and when it finally did take the picture, it focused on somewhere entirely different than I'd planned!

I tried using Manual focus and that worked fine . . .

But manual focus is a little slow when you're photographing moving subjects . . .

So, I begrudgingly had to accept reality and send My Precious off to Nikon's repair center, where it stayed for a long month. Then Christmas and cooking and family coming in happened, and I just did't get back into the swing of posting my pictures once my camera came back! That being said- I have a LOT of pictures to share from the last three+ months! :D

Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures that were taken *before* my camera dropped. ;)

Through His Grace,



  1. So sorry to hear about your "Precious"! That happened to my Sam once. It fell off the counter and the filter shattered. The lens survived though!

  2. That's upsetting! :( Glad to hear you got your camera back. I love those mirror shots. Great light!


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